Medical Devices

 arbelmed Arbel Medical develops innovative, minimally invasive Cryo-therapy products, for the treatment of breast tumors and other internal diseased tissue.

EarlySense is bringing to market an early warning system for deteriorations of asthma, COPD, and CHF patients. Utilizing multi-disciplinary sensors, EarlySense developed proprietary, patent pending algorithms to extract a comprehensive set of vital parameters which are used to predict and identify patient deterioration in one of the above diseases.


Check-Cap is a young and dynamic medical device company with a breakthrough solution for Colorectal Cancer Screening. The Check-Cap device requires no bowel preparation or invasive procedures, and is expected to detect clinically significant polyps within the same range of accuracy as a standard colonoscopy.

 nanoretina Nano Retina, Inc. is developing an ultra-small, easy to implant, artificial retina designed to restore sight. The revolutionary solution meets an unmet clinical need with a large and growing potential market. The device will be composed of an array of independent sight cells. Each cell will contain a retina penetrating electrode for inter-retinal stimulation based on the cell’s light detection level. Wireless signals will remotely activate and control the sight-cells. Thus, Nano Retina is providing the blind with functional vision, thus enhancing the quality of their lives. 
 dnr DNR is a worldwide pioneer in the field of Bio Imaging Systems. DNR harnesses proprietary innovative technologies, to develop a high-end line of bio-imaging products for various applications used in sophisticated research labs and diagnostic centers. 
opticul  OptiCul Diagnostics Ltd. develops medical diagnosis devices focusing on the detection of streptococcus type bacteria in order to facilitate a fast and accurate diagnosis and a better antibiotic management based on spectroscopic methods.