Xsight System's innovative FOD Detection System offers airport operators a complete runway and taxiway debris surveillance solution with high detection performance and real-time alert interface.

 blue Blue I Water Technologies provides innovative water quality control systems for a wide range of applications. Through a combination of leading-edge technology and in-depth industry experience, the Blue I mission is to provide accurate systems that offer unprecedented reliability, maintainability and ease of use.
 fourier Fourier Systems integrates student computing and science. Computerized labs, data loggers, probe ware & accessories make learning science fun, memorable and coherent. The spearhead product "Nova 500" offers an overall solution for all student computing needs. 
 fourtec Fourtec Systems Ltd. is developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced data acquisition systems for the industrial markets. Fourtec's innovative wireless, portable graphic data loggers and data acquisition systems are applied in numerous fields to monitor and record ambient conditions. Fourtec solutions span the full spectrum of corporate environments including medicine and pharmaceutical industries, food transportation, storage, air conditioning, ventilations and warehousing.

Omative specializes in advanced optimization control systems, which serve the CNC metal cutting industry. Omative's product line analyzes real-time information during machine operation of actual cutting conditions and adjusts to machine cutting speed.