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Levi Lassen Foundation

Levi Lassen FoundationIn Israel the goal of the Levi Lassen Foundation is to strengthen social justice, freedom and equality for all citizens. The Foundation has invested in hundreds of Not for Profit organizations, and its focus now is cultivation of a strong and influential civil society and social entrepreneurship, which will have a sustainable impact on social change.
For more information, see the Levi Lassen Foundation Website.



pontifax2Pontifax is a venture capital investor focusing on the Israeli life sciences sector. Pontifax constitutes a unique vehicle for investments in the Israeli life sciences sector, and is characterized by long-term capital appreciation by venture type investments, in Israeli and Israeli-related high growth pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device companies.


The Jerusalem College of Engineering

Jerusalem College of EngineeringThe Jerusalem College of Engineering (JCE) was founded as a response to the need for engineers as expressed by advanced industry. JCE, a unique institution in Jerusalem specializing in educating for the engineering fields, has a role to play in this process by preparing the academically qualified engineers. The industry needs this manpower to deepen and expand its infrastructure and to further develop its companies. The projected number of 500 new engineers every year will have a meaningful influence on the demographic character and on the economic facets of the city. This will strengthen the community, economically and socially.
For more information, see The Jerusalem College of Engineering Website.